Enchanted Garden at Crematorium

Bury in Bloom are delighted to present an ‘Outstanding Achievement Award to Simon and the staff at West Suffolk Crematorium for his work on the secret ‘Enchanted Garden’. The beautiful space can be seen by families and friends if they look out of the chapel during a service while they consider their thoughts and memories. Simon, one of the chapel attendants, has a great love of gardening installed his own tree ferns and created a sculpture to represent ‘The People’ to complete his vision.

Simon received the award from David Irvine looked on by the Crematorium manager Royna Hill.

Staff at the West Suffolk Crematorium have always tried to create areas of garden near the chapel that allow some peace and solitude when required. Now families can now look out onto a ‘Secret Garden’ as they sit in the chapel for the service.

Royna Hill manager of the West Suffolk Crematorium said ‘We are aware that families may be looking out into the garden during the service with their thoughts and memories and we wanted to make it a lovely space. When the new chapel was added in 2018 a wall was built that changed the look of the garden slightly, so when Simon, one of the chapel attendants who has a great love of  gardening, offered to improve it, we accepted’.

Simon worked over several months as he transformed the space. Spending time between shifts and at weekends, he brought in beautiful tree ferns from his own garden and finally designed and installed a simple sculpture to represent ‘The People’ to complete his vision. The space became known as the ‘Enchanted garden’ among the crematorium staff.

David Irvine Co-ordinator of Bury in Bloom said ‘The Certificate of Recognition for Outstanding Achievement is awarded, mainly to individuals, who do outstanding things and age is no barrier: The first winner was a 7yr old boy! Sometimes it is a group because of the projects size, however there’s usually someone at the centre with the energy and inspiration’ he said.

‘The winner’s names go on the ‘Role of Honour’ on the ‘Bury in Bloom’ web site where it will remain in perpetuity.  We hope they will look back one day and think, ‘I did that!’ he said.

To make nominations for the Outstanding Achievement Award please email David Irvine at  Coordinator@buryinbloom.org.uk


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