Abbey Gardens Friends

Abbey Gardens Friends is a separate, independent partner organisation and we celebrate the work they do. Abbey Gardens Friends was formed in 2011 at the suggestion but independent of the Council, to convey the views of the public, promote the horticultural history of the Gardens and to support the Abbey Gardens when funds allow.

With the Councils support, they have a programme of events throughout the year and have raised funds for projects including the central bed oak posts, aviary signage, water bowser, a greenhouse, large collection box and refurbishing herbaceous borders.

At the same time, their Volunteer Gardening Group was setup. Around 16 volunteers help, on set days and under the guidance of the Gardens Staff with various tasks and specific projects. While they are working, the public stop and ask them lots of questions about the history of the Abbey Gardens and the plants. Twice a year they have a sale of the end of season plants removed from the central beds which is hugely successful, and the money goes back to the council for future planting. Full details of Abbey Gardens Friends and the Volunteer Gardening Group can be found on their website.

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