We need a new home for the Coronation Crown
Bury in Bloom seeks new home for 500kg Bury St Edmunds Coronation crown
By Camille Berriman – camille.berriman@iliffepublishing.co.uk

A new home is sought for a 2.7 metre-tall gold crown which has been an eye-catching sight in a Bury St Edmunds street this year.

The giant Coronation crown, on the corner of Crown Street and Honey Hill, was the centrepiece to Bury in Bloom’s floral offerings this summer. Now, Bury in Bloom co-ordinator Chris Whiley is seeking a new home for the 500kg steel crown.

Wiley, Bury in Bloom coordinator, is appealing to find a new home for its metal coronation crown. Options to relocate the crown to a roundabout or the Abbey Gardens were explored but eventually deemed unsuitable. So Chris wants to hear from charities, groups, care homes, schools, individuals and organisations – and said it would be gifted free of charge to the successful applicant.

However, the new owner must be able to move the crown to its new home and provide their own risk assessment and foundations – Bury in Bloom cannot fund any removal or ongoing maintenance costs. The crown is bolted on to concrete foundations so would be easy to detach from its current position.

Over the summer, the crown held 14 floral arrangement baskets to represent the jewels in the Coronation crown – but it could be re-purposed.

To apply, email coordinator@buryinbloom.org.uk


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