Roundabout restorations

November and December is the time of year when we carry out restorations jobs and the roundabouts are the center of attention.

New and improved sponsor signs are being installed and the Tollgate River of Flowers is getting a big overhaul as the blue geraniums that create the ‘River’ are being replanted.

The 22 metre roundabout we call the Flight of Peace is a big project as we install a 7 metre ‘White 5-point Star’ that will eventually rest on a Blue background to underline the American connection at Rougham airfield. The illuminated sculpture is that of a tail fin of a B17 Flying Fortress with a Dove of Peace emerging carrying an olive branch. 2022 is the 80th anniversary of the completion of Rougham airfield in 1942 and built to take the USAF heavy bombers.

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