Outstanding Achievement Award

The newly introduced Outstanding Achievement Award aims to recognise the many individuals and groups that carry out activities that help to improve the community or environment in Bury St Edmunds.

Bury in Bloom and the Bury Society are keen to recognise these individual feats in the community and is looking for nominations to award the certificate.

David Irvine Co-ordinator of Bury in Bloom said ‘These individual, and often selfless, acts are part of what makes Bury St Edmunds the unique and beautiful community it has become and means that someone has made a very big effort. It makes the rest of us proud to live here and we want to recognise them and encourage others by presenting the award. We intend to place their names and date on a ‘Role of Honour’ on the Bury in Bloom and The Bury Society web site where it will remain in perpetuity, and we hope they  will look back one day and say ‘I did that!’ he said.

This first certificate presented by Martyn Taylor – Chairman of the Bury Society – is awarded to 7yr old Otis Bligh for his work clearing up litter at the Skate Park at Olding Road Bury St Edmunds and raise money for a litter bin. ‘He raised enough for two bins which demonstrates the amount support his community gave him. We love that and want to recognise it’ said David.

To make nominations please email David Irvine at  Coordinator@buryinbloom.org.uk

More Outstanding Achievement in the Community certificates will follow and be mentioned here.

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