Fountain of Flowers

A Giant Thank You to West Suffolk Hospital

Bury in Bloom are organising a ‘Giant Thank You’ to all the staff at West Suffolk Hospital (WSH) and we hope we can say it comes from Everyone in Bury St Edmunds.

We plan to put up a Floral Fountain’ – a five tier floral pyramid planter – close to the walk-in entrance of the hospital for everyone to enjoy as they come and go, day and night, tired or refreshed. ‘We want to lift the spirits of exhausted staff’ said David Irvine (70) who took over as Co-ordinator of Bury in Bloom in October 2019

The self -watering ‘Fountain Pyramid’ is 2 metres high and will have a great ‘Wow’ factor. It will last until late September. ‘The Pyramid planter will last for some years, so after the flowering is finished, we will have to dismantle it and look for a more permanent site, when we plant it again the following summer’. He said

We feel we owe WSH a great deal and we think the residents of Bury St Edmunds would like to take part and show their appreciation too. The Floral Fountain is a tribute to all the exhausted staff working day and night at no small risk to themselves and is the best way Bury in Bloom felt we could all show our appreciation.

‘Our own funds (like many others) have been hard hit and we are struggling, so we cannot do it alone’ said David. We would love you to help us raise the £1000 required for the Planter, the installation, the Plants and Maintenance. We want this to make a big statement saying ‘Thank You WSH – From the People of Bury St Edmunds’

To donate visit our Facebook site Bury in Bloom or search David Irvine can be contacted on

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