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Trees in Town Competition

Awards presented for Bury St Edmunds Trees in Town competition

All the winners of the Trees in Town competition from ages eight to 84.

Awards for a Bury St Edmunds community inclusive competition took place at the Apex on Thursday, July 20.

The Trees in Town project, which was open to all ages, was set up by Art Branches – an organisation which encourages people to engage in the arts through their environment.

Art Branches ran a series of educational workshops across different schools in Bury St Edmunds to raise awareness of the importance of trees and how they can be interpreted in art.

The competition received nearly 200 entries and winners, whose poems and illustrations were chosen for a special book, were aged between eight and 84.

Bury in Bloom judge Melanie Lesser and Unbuilt Studio artists Stephanie Hartick and Jacquie Campbell handed out prizes.

The Trees in Town book is available from the tourist information desk at the Apex and at The Writing Desk in Bury St Edmunds.

Bury Mercury - Wednesday, August 2, 2017

‘Trees in Town’ is an Art Branches community interest company project which forms part of the Woodland Trust’s national Tree Charter, collecting tree stories and illustrations from across the community.

Art Branches will be raising awareness of trees across Bury St Edmunds town centre. Trees in Town will result in an online exhibition of all entrants’ impressions of trees, and a booklet with winning entries depicting various trees in the town will be available at the end of the project.

St Edmunds Crown

1. Beech
2. Evergreen oak
3. Olive, (inplanter) arc
4. Plane, by Thorntons
5. Silver birch, Feoffment playground
6. False acacia, by barley store, Greene King
7. Maidenhair tree (ginkgo)
8. Horse chestnut,outside PremierInn
9. Corsican pine, in churchyard
10. Lime avenue, St Mary’s churchyard
11.Mountain ash, corner of rose garden
13.Common oak
15.Dawn redwood
16.Caucasian wingnut
18.Weeping willow
21.Turkish hazel